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  1. Southord 5 Piece Lock Pick Set

    SouthOrd 5 Piece Lock Pick Set with Easy Pickings Book


    This basic 5 piece lock pick set is an ideal beginners set and is capable of opening virtually all pin tumbler locks. The set also comes with a beginners instruction manual and quality snapover leather case.


  2. 1 Hook pick
  3. 1 Ball pick
  4. 1 Diamond pick
  5. 1 Rake
  6. 1 Tension tool
  7. 1 Instructional Manual
  8. 1 Top quality snapover leather case

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  • Improvised Lock Picking

    Improvised Lock Picking


    Master locksmith Steven Hampton has more than 40 years of experience in designing different ways to open locks without keys and has personally taught dozens of today's most talented locksmiths. In Improvised Lock Picking, Hampton reveals little-known secrets for devising quick and easy lock-picking tools on the spot, using common household items found in the average home, office or garage. Through photos and detailed exploded drawings, you'll see how these improvised tools can be used to open a wide variety of locks found all over the world. You'll also find out how to get inside a front door with a safety pin, open magnetic card readers, defeat the extremely difficult Master combination padlock and much more. The key to never being locked out of anywhere is knowing how to instantly improvise the right tool for the right lock. This book will show you how. For academic study only. 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, illus., 88 pp. ISBN 1-58160396-7 Learn More
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