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  1. HPC EPG1 electric gun

    HPC Electric Pick Gun 2012 Edition


    This electric gun rakes open pin and disc tumbler cylinders using a rapid up and down stiking movement, which causes the top and bottom pins to separate, meeting the shear line. Thumbscrew allows fine adjustment of raking tool motion. Learn More
  2. Southord 75 piece lock pick set

    SouthOrd 75 Piece Lock Pick Set C6010


    This Southord 75 piece lock pick set originally designed for European and Japanese locks, these Slimline Lock Picks have also proven to be an excellent choice for all U.S. pin tumbler locks as well - especially those with narrow or small keyways. This SouthOrd 75 piece lock pick set includes 30 picks with laminated handles, 30 regular picks, 9 Tension tools 5 Warded picks 1 Broken key extractor and 1 Top quality zippered leather case Learn More
  3. Lock Pick Bundle 3

    Lock Pick Bundle 3


    This set contains a Southord 5 piece lock pick set, Easy pickings book, a Brockhage clear practice lock. and a Brockhage Pick Gun down Learn More
  4. Southord MAX YIELD Pick Set M4000

    Southord MAX YIELD Pick Set M4000


    Our new SouthOrd MAX Lock Picks are manufactured of 0.031 inch thick High Yield Stainless Steel, the strongest and most durable stainless available, and feature lightweight ergonomic ABS handles. Type 301 High Yield material is often used for applications requiring extra high strength. It is much harder than Full Hard material, having a minimum tensile strength of 270,000 PSI, compared to 185,000 PSI for Full Hard.

    The M4000 High Yield Lock Pick Set consists of fifteen picks with moulded handles, two double ended picks, eleven tension tools, and an oversized zipper case made of the finest Valentino leather.

    SouthOrd Guarantee's these picks.  If a Max Yield Pick breaks on you, SouthOrd will replace the price for free

    Learn More
  5. DINO Navigator 3 in 1 lock Scope

    DINO Navigator 3 in 1 lock Scope



    1. Inspect lock and keyway and install a suitable depressor(or speculum) to read or pick.
    2. Push the button on the power handle to turn on the light.


    a. RGN211-A,B,C: 6 hard depressors, (3 different sizes, 2 pieces for each size).
    b. RGN211-S: 1 uniquely designed 1.48" long tube speculum.
    c. 2 AA batteries included.
    d. 2 spare screws.
    e. Carrying case.


    1. Main body: High quality Aluminium Alloy.
    2. Depressors: High quality carbon steel.
    3. Speculum: Steel.
    4. Light: Use Japanese new super intensity white LED light, can operate continuously for 72 hours.
    5. Weight: 287 grams(one full set/with case).
    Weight: 131 grams(scope+1 depressor+2 batteries).
    Weight: 137 grams(scope+speculum+2 batteries).

    Learn More
  6. Electric Dimple Lock Pick Gun with attachments

    Electric Dimple Lock Pick Gun with attachments


    Electric Dimple Pick Gun with attachments Learn More
  7. Southord Electric Pick Set E500XT

    Southord Electric Pick Set E500XT


    This is a superb tool for starters and professionals alike. This Southord electric pick E500XT delivers superb performance, quality and looks the part as well and can be handled comfortably and easily. The powerful and long-life engine has been developed especially for the optimal performance of the E500XT. Only use high quality and performance NiCd (KR 14) or NiMH (HR 14) rechargeable batteries, or alkali batteries (e.g. Duracell Plus) size LR 14 (Baby-Cells). The included tension tools can be to big for some cylinders and we recommend ordering some supplementary tension tools. Learn More

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