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Here at we will do everything possible to ensure that you are totally happy with any product you receive from us. Customer Service is our number one priority and when ever we can help we will do our best to ensure you are totally satisfied and happy.

Here is a selection of our latest feedback from customers...


16/10/2013 Fantastic value  brilliant.I bought it to open a lock on an item I was selling on eBay. Within 10 minutes of opening parcel I had succeeded.Locksmith wanted £90 to do same.NB no instructions but I had some experience  

14/10/2013 Absolutely exceptional customer service, would definitely recommend. A+++++.

14/10/2013 Excellent price, prompt delivery, what more could you want?

12/10/2013 I'm an amateur locksmith and this is my first lock pick set hand on heart I can say this set provides excellent value for money..

10/10/2013 There was a bit of a hiccup with delivery, i.e. it hadn't been dispatched when the notification email said it had, so it was a few days late (after I emailed them, they responded within 24 hours and explained the situation). But overall I'm happy with the item and it was at a great price..

28/08/2011 Have not had a chance to use these (And I imagine I won't as they were more of an impulse buy due to having recently played Skyrim and levelling up my lockpicking skill), however they arrived quickly, were as described and seem a relatively well made set given their price. Here's hoping I do get to use them though, even if only to justify having bought them, but preferably to have learnt a new skill and enjoyed doing so :p

27/08/2011 The negative comments on this product are uncalled for and clearly written IMO by people not familiar with the tool or that there are 3 sizes!! This tool is made by GOSO which equals as stong as a house & as cheap as chips, its fantastically made, solid and easily used. Couple this with UB Keys whom are exceptional you have 5 plus stars. You cant get better from better..

22/08/2011 Brilliant item as described, seller posted it quickly and it arrived safely. The item is good quality and serves its purpose wel

28/07/2011 Worked perfectly on both the disabled locks I tried. Very handy. I have a disability but hadn't applied for key from council as I couldn't cope with the complication. This was much easier, and has saved me from long waits, which I find uncomfortable.

16/07/2011 Arrived on time.I was pleased with it I would recommend this product


And some of the emails.....


"Thanks very much for the superfast delivery, to get that order to me the next day was very much appreciated"

"Just wanted to say thanks for going out your way to get me what I wanted even though you did not have the item in stock"

"Great quality items and the fact that the price you see is what you end up paying is absolutely superb, thanks again"

"I have ordered lots of bump keys and tools from various suppliers and have always been slightly annoyed at the final amount I end up paying with regards to VAT and postage. It is so refreshing to find a supplier where the price you see advertised is the price you end up paying, well done Universal Bump Keys!!!

"Wow, talk about quick delivery!! I ordered a set of bump keys and a bump hammer at 11am one day and the items were arrived free of charge the next day!!! That is what I call superb service, thanks"

"If you need bump keys then this is the place, I ordered the 20 piece bump key set and I have managed to get into nearly all my locks in my house, incredible!!!